Below is a list of all asterisk sound files for both the core and extra file sets. All languages should contain all phrases in the core set, but do not have to include recordings in the extra set.

The en_US,en_GB,fr columns are to indicate inclusion within those language packs.

Core Set

filenamePreviewPrompt TextFile Seten_USen_GBfr
agent-alreadyon That agent is already logged on. Please enter your agent number followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
agent-incorrect Login incorrect. Please enter your agent number followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
agent-loggedoff Agent Logged off.CoreYYY
agent-loginok Agent logged in.CoreYYY
agent-newlocation Please enter a new extension, followed by pound.CoreYYY
agent-pass Please enter your password followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
agent-user Agent login. Please enter your agent number followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
ascending-2tone [ascending tones]CoreYYY
auth-incorrect Password incorrect. Please enter your password followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
auth-thankyou Thank you.CoreYYY
beeperr [this is an error beep tone]CoreYYY
beep [this is a simple beep tone]CoreYYY
conf-adminmenu-162 Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 2 to lock or unlock the conference, 3 to eject the last user, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 5 to extend the conference, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit.CoreYYY
conf-adminmenu-18 Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 2 to lock or unlock the conference, 3 to eject the last user, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 5 to extend the conference, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 for more options.CoreYYY
conf-adminmenu-menu8 Press 1 to list users currently in the conference, 2 to kick all non-administrator users, 3 to mute or umute all non-administrator users, 4 to record this conference, or 8 to exit this menu and return to the conference.CoreYYY
conf-adminmenu Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 2 to lock or unlock the conference, 3 to eject the last user, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit.CoreYYY
confbridge-begin-glorious-a the conference will begin when our glorious leader arrivesCoreYYY
confbridge-begin-glorious-b the conference will begin when our glorious leader arrivesCoreYYY
confbridge-begin-glorious-c the conference will begin when our glorious leader arrivesCoreYYY
confbridge-begin-leader the conference will begin when the leader arrivesCoreYYY
confbridge-conf-begin the conference will now beginCoreYYY
confbridge-conf-end the conference has endedCoreYYY
confbridge-dec-list-vol-in To decrease the audio volume from other participants…CoreYYY
confbridge-dec-list-vol-out …to decrease the audio volume from other participants.CoreYYY
confbridge-dec-talk-vol-in To decrease your speaking volume to other participants…CoreYYY
confbridge-dec-talk-vol-out …to decrease your speaking volume to other participants.CoreYYY
confbridge-has-joined …has joined the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-has-left …has left the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-inc-list-vol-in To increase the audio volume from other participants…CoreYYY
confbridge-inc-list-vol-out …to increase the audio volume from other participants.CoreYYY
confbridge-inc-talk-vol-in To increase your speaking volume to other participants…CoreYYY
confbridge-inc-talk-vol-out …to increase your speaking volume to other participants.CoreYYY
confbridge-invalid You have entered an invalid option.CoreYYY
confbridge-join <beep ascending>CoreYYY
confbridge-leave <beep decending>CoreYYY
confbridge-leave-in To leave the conference…CoreYYY
confbridge-leave-out …to leave the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-locked The conference is now locked.CoreYYY
confbridge-lock-extended …to lock, or unlock the conference. When a conference is locked only conference administrators can join.CoreYYY
confbridge-lock-in To lock, or unlock the conference…CoreYYY
confbridge-lock-no-join The conference is currently locked and cannot be joined.CoreYYY
confbridge-lock-out …to lock, or unlock the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-menu-exit-in To exit the menu…CoreYYY
confbridge-menu-exit-out …to exit the menu.CoreYYY
confbridge-muted You are now muted.CoreYYY
confbridge-mute-extended …to mute, or unmute yourself. When you are muted you can not send audio to other participants. However you will still hear audio from other unmuted participants.CoreYYY
confbridge-mute-in To mute or unmute yourself…CoreYYY
confbridge-mute-out …to mute or unmute yourself.CoreYYY
confbridge-only-one There is currently one other participant in the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-only-participant You are currently the only participant in the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-participants …participants in the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-pin-bad You have entered too many invalid personal identification numbers.CoreYYY
confbridge-pin Please enter your personal identification number followed by the pound, or hash key.CoreYYY
confbridge-removed You have been removed from the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-remove-last-in To remove the participant who most recently joined the conference…CoreYYY
confbridge-remove-last-out …to remove the participant who most recently joined the conference.CoreYYY
confbridge-rest-list-vol-in To reset the audio volume of the conference to the default level…CoreYYY
confbridge-rest-list-vol-out …to reset the audio volume of the conference to the default level.CoreYYY
confbridge-rest-talk-vol-in To reset your speaking volume to the default level…CoreYYY
confbridge-rest-talk-vol-out …to reset your speaking volume to the default level.CoreYYY
confbridge-there-are There are currently…CoreYYY
confbridge-unlocked The conference is now unlocked.CoreYYY
confbridge-unmuted You are no longer muted.CoreYYY
conf-enteringno You are entering conference numberCoreYYY
conf-errormenu Invalid ChoiceCoreYYY
conf-extended The conference has been extended.CoreYYY
conf-getchannel Please enter the channel number followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
conf-getconfno Please enter your conference number followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
conf-getpin Please enter the conference pin number.CoreYYY
conf-hasjoin is now in the conference.CoreYYY
conf-hasleft has left the conference.CoreYYY
conf-invalidpin That pin is invalid for this conference.CoreYYY
conf-invalid That is not a valid conference number. Please try again.CoreYYY
conf-kicked You have been kicked from this conferenceCoreYYY
conf-leaderhasleft The leader has left the conference.CoreYYY
conf-lockednow The conference is now lockedCoreYYY
conf-locked This conference is locked!CoreYYY
conf-muted You are now mutedCoreYYY
conf-noempty No empty conferences currently exist.CoreYYY
conf-nonextended The conference cannot be extended.CoreYYY
conf-now-muted The conference is now muted.CoreYYY
conf-now-recording The conference is now being recorded.CoreYYY
conf-now-unmuted The conference is now unmuted.CoreYYY
conf-onlyone There is currently one other participant in the conference.CoreYYY
conf-onlyperson You are currently the only person in this conference.CoreYYY
conf-otherinparty other participants in the conferenceCoreYYY
conf-placeintoconf You will now be placed into the conference.CoreYYY
conf-roll-callcomplete Playback of the list of people attending is complete.CoreYYY
conf-thereare There are currentlyCoreYYY
conf-unlockednow The conference is now unlockedCoreYYY
conf-unmuted You are now unmutedCoreYYY
conf-usermenu-162 Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 5 to extend the conference, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit this menu and return to the conference.CoreYYY
conf-usermenu Please press 1 to mute or unmute yourself, 4 or 6 to decrease or increase the conference volume, 7 or 9 to decrease or increase your volume, or 8 to exit.CoreYYY
conf-userswilljoin users will join the conference.CoreYYY
conf-userwilljoin user will join the conference.CoreYYY
conf-waitforleader The conference will begin when the leader arrives.CoreYYY
demo-abouttotry I am about to attempt an Inter-Asterisk Exchange connection to a demonstration server located at Digium. In order for this to work you must already be connected to the Internet. Please wait a moment while I attempt to make the connection.CoreYYY
demo-congrats Congratulations. You have successfully installed and executed the Asterisk open source PBX. You have also installed a set of sample sounds and configuration files that should help you to get started. Like a normal PBX you will navigate this demonstration by dialing digits. If you are using a console channel driver instead of a real phone you can use the dial, answer, and hang up commands to simulate the actions of a standard telephone.CoreYYY
demo-echodone The echo test has been completed.CoreYYY
demo-echotest You are about to enter an echo test. In this mode everything you say will be repeated back to you just as soon as it is received. The purpose of this test is to give you an audible sense of the latency between you and the machine that is running the echo test application. You may end the test by hanging up or by pressing the pound key.CoreYYY
demo-enterkeywords Please enter one or more keywords separated by * and then press the pound key.CoreYYY
demo-instruct If you would like to learn more technical information about Asterisk dial 2 now. If you'd like to test out the voice over IP capabilities of Asterisk you can dial 500 to attempt an Inter-Asterisk Exchange or IAX connection to a demonstration server at Digium. In order for this test to work you will need to be connected to the Internet and have at least a 28.8 kilobit modem. To execute an echo test dial 600. This test is most useful when you have connected to this Asterisk server from a remote location. The sample configuration also has a single user with extension 1234 and password 4242. That user is configured to ring the console when their extension is dialed. If you dial 1234 you can try to ring the console. If the console is busy or unavailable you will be given the option to leave voicemail. To check voice mail for the user dial extension 8500 to enter the voicemail system. Finally, you can press the pound key to disconnect from the PBX.CoreYYY
demo-moreinfo Asterisk is an Open Source full-featured PBX and IVR platform that runs on the linux operating system. For more information, visit
demo-nogo I am afraid I was unable to create a connection to the Digium demonstration Asterisk server. You may find some helpful debugging information on the Asterisk console.CoreYYY
demo-nomatch I'm sorry there are no matches for those keywordsCoreYYY
demo-thanks Goodbye. Thank you for trying out the Asterisk Open Source PBX.CoreYYY
descending-2tone [descending tones]CoreYYY
dictate/both_help press * to toggle pause, press # to enter a new dictation filenameCoreYYY
dictate/enter_filename Enter a numeric dictation filename followed by # or just # to exitCoreYYY
dictate/forhelp press 0 for helpCoreYYY
dictate/paused pausedCoreYYY
dictate/pause pauseCoreYYY
dictate/playback_mode playback modeCoreYYY
dictate/playback playbackCoreYYY
dictate/play_help press 1 to switch to record mode, press 2 to toggle fast playback, press 7 to jump backwards, press 8 to jump forwardsCoreYYY
dictate/record_help press 1 to switch to playback mode, press 8 to truncate the file and start overCoreYYY
dictate/record_mode record modeCoreYYY
dictate/record recordCoreYYY
dictate/truncating_audio truncating audioCoreYYY
digits/0 zeroCoreYYY
digits/10 tenCoreYYY
digits/11 elevenCoreYYY
digits/12 twelveCoreYYY
digits/13 thirteenCoreYYY
digits/14 fourteenCoreYYY
digits/15 fifteenCoreYYY
digits/16 sixteenCoreYYY
digits/17 seventeenCoreYYY
digits/18 eighteenCoreYYY
digits/19 nineteenCoreYYY
digits/1 oneCoreYYY
digits/20 twentyCoreYYY
digits/2 twoCoreYYY
digits/30 thirtyCoreYYY
digits/3 threeCoreYYY
digits/40 fortyCoreYYY
digits/4 fourCoreYYY
digits/50 fiftyCoreYYY
digits/5 fiveCoreYYY
digits/60 sixtyCoreYYY
digits/6 sixCoreYYY
digits/70 seventyCoreYYY
digits/7 sevenCoreYYY
digits/80 eightyCoreYYY
digits/8 eightCoreYYY
digits/90 ninetyCoreYYY
digits/9 nineCoreYYY
digits/a-m A.M.CoreYYY
digits/at atCoreYYY
digits/billion billionCoreYYY
digits/day-0 SundayCoreYYY
digits/day-1 MondayCoreYYY
digits/day-2 TuesdayCoreYYY
digits/day-3 WednesdayCoreYYY
digits/day-4 ThursdayCoreYYY
digits/day-5 FridayCoreYYY
digits/day-6 SaturdayCoreYYY
digits/dollars dollarsCoreYYY
digits/h-10 tenthCoreYYY
digits/h-11 eleventhCoreYYY
digits/h-12 twelfthCoreYYY
digits/h-13 thirteenthCoreYYY
digits/h-14 fourteenthCoreYYY
digits/h-15 fifteenthCoreYYY
digits/h-16 sixteenthCoreYYY
digits/h-17 seventeenthCoreYYY
digits/h-18 eighteenthCoreYYY
digits/h-19 nineteenthCoreYYY
digits/h-1 firstCoreYYY
digits/h-20 twentiethCoreYYY
digits/h-2 secondCoreYYY
digits/h-30 thirtiethCoreYYY
digits/h-3 thirdCoreYYY
digits/h-40 fourtiethCoreYYY
digits/h-4 fourthCoreYYY
digits/h-50 fiftiethCoreYYY
digits/h-5 fifthCoreYYY
digits/h-60 sixtiethCoreYYY
digits/h-6 sixthCoreYYY
digits/h-70 seventiethCoreYYY
digits/h-7 seventhCoreYYY
digits/h-80 eightiethCoreYYY
digits/h-8 eighthCoreYYY
digits/h-90 ninetiethCoreYYY
digits/h-9 ninthCoreYYY
digits/h-billion billionthCoreYYY
digits/h-hundred hundredthCoreYYY
digits/h-million millionthCoreYYY
digits/h-thousand thousandthCoreYYY
digits/hundred hundredCoreYYY
digits/million millionCoreYYY
digits/minus minusCoreYYY
digits/mon-0 JanuaryCoreYYY
digits/mon-10 NovemberCoreYYY
digits/mon-11 DecemberCoreYYY
digits/mon-1 FebruaryCoreYYY
digits/mon-2 MarchCoreYYY
digits/mon-3 AprilCoreYYY
digits/mon-4 MayCoreYYY
digits/mon-5 JuneCoreYYY
digits/mon-6 JulyCoreYYY
digits/mon-7 AugustCoreYYY
digits/mon-8 SeptemberCoreYYY
digits/mon-9 OctoberCoreYYY
digits/oclock o'clockCoreYYY
digits/oh ohCoreYYY
digits/p-m P.M.CoreYYY
digits/pound poundCoreYYY
digits/star starCoreYYY
digits/thousand thousandCoreYYY
digits/today todayCoreYYY
digits/tomorrow tomorrowCoreYYY
digits/yesterday yesterdayCoreYYY
dir-firstlast … letters of your party's first or last name.CoreYYY
dir-first letters of your party's first name.CoreYYY
dir-instr If this is the person you are looking for press 1 now, otherwise please press star now.CoreYYY
dir-intro-fn Welcome to the directory. Please enter the first three letters of your party's first name using your touch tone keypad. Use the 7 key for Q and the 9 key for Z.CoreYYY
dir-intro Welcome to the directory. Please enter the first three letters of your party's last name using your touch tone keypad. Use the 7 key for Q and the 9 key for Z.CoreYYY
dir-last … letters of your party's last name.CoreYYY
dir-multi1 Press …CoreYYY
dir-multi2 … for …CoreYYY
dir-multi3 … extension …CoreYYY
dir-multi9 Press 9 for more entries.CoreYYY
dir-nomatch No directory entries match your search.CoreYYY
dir-nomore There are no more compatible entries in the directory.CoreYYY
dir-pls-enter Please enter the first …CoreYYY
dir-usingkeypad … using your touchtone keypad. Use the 7 key for Q, and the 9 key for Z.CoreYYY
dir-welcome Welcome to the directoryCoreYYY
followme/call-from.wav incoming call fromCoreYYY
followme/no-recording.wav you have an incoming callCoreYYY
followme/options.wav press 1 to accept this call, or 2 to reject itCoreYYY
followme/pls-hold-while-try.wav please hold while I try to locate the person you are callingCoreYYY
followme/sorry.wav I'm sorry, but I was unable to locate the person you are callingCoreYYY
followme/status.wav the person you are calling is not at their desk; I will try to locate them for youCoreYYY
hello-world Hello world.CoreYYY
hours hoursCoreYYY
invalid I am sorry, that's not a valid extension. Please try again.CoreYYY
letters/a aCoreYYY
letters/ascii123 left braceCoreYYY
letters/ascii124 pipeCoreYYY
letters/ascii125 right braceCoreYYY
letters/ascii126 tildeCoreYYY
letters/ascii34 quoteCoreYYY
letters/ascii36 dollar signCoreYYY
letters/ascii37 percentCoreYYY
letters/ascii38 ampersandCoreYYY
letters/ascii39 tickCoreYYY
letters/ascii40 open parenthesisCoreYYY
letters/ascii41 close parenthesisCoreYYY
letters/ascii42 starCoreYYY
letters/ascii44 commaCoreYYY
letters/ascii58 colonCoreYYY
letters/ascii59 semicolonCoreYYY
letters/ascii60 less thanCoreYYY
letters/ascii62 greater thanCoreYYY
letters/ascii63 question markCoreYYY
letters/ascii91 left bracketCoreYYY
letters/ascii92 backslashCoreYYY
letters/ascii93 right bracketCoreYYY
letters/ascii94 caretCoreYYY
letters/ascii95 underscoreCoreYYY
letters/ascii96 backtickCoreYYY
letters/asterisk asteriskCoreYYY
letters/at at [@]CoreYYY
letters/b bCoreYYY
letters/c cCoreYYY
letters/dash dash [-]CoreYYY
letters/d dCoreYYY
letters/dollar dollar [$]CoreYYY
letters/dot dot [.]CoreYYY
letters/e eCoreYYY
letters/equals equals [=]CoreYYY
letters/exclaimation-point exclaimation-point [!]CoreYYY
letters/f fCoreYYY
letters/g gCoreYYY
letters/h hCoreYYY
letters/i iCoreYYY
letters/j jCoreYYY
letters/k kCoreYYY
letters/l lCoreYYY
letters/m mCoreYYY
letters/n nCoreYYY
letters/o oCoreYYY
letters/plus plus [+]CoreYYY
letters/p pCoreYYY
letters/q qCoreYYY
letters/r rCoreYYY
letters/slash slash [/]CoreYYY
letters/space space [ ]CoreYYY
letters/s sCoreYYY
letters/t tCoreYYY
letters/u uCoreYYY
letters/v vCoreYYY
letters/w wCoreYYY
letters/x xCoreYYY
letters/y yCoreYYY
letters/zed zedCoreYYY
letters/z zCoreYYY
lowercase lowercaseCoreYYY
minutes minutesCoreYYY
pbx-invalid I am sorry, that's not a valid extension. Please try again.CoreYYY
pbx-invalidpark I am sorry, there is no call parked on that extension. Please try again.CoreYYY
pbx-parkingfailed Parking attempt failed.CoreYYY
pbx-transfer Transfer.CoreYYY
phonetic/9_p ninerCoreYYY
phonetic/a_p alphaCoreYYY
phonetic/b_p bravoCoreYYY
phonetic/c_p charlieCoreYYY
phonetic/d_p deltaCoreYYY
phonetic/e_p echoCoreYYY
phonetic/f_p foxtrotCoreYYY
phonetic/g_p golfCoreYYY
phonetic/h_p hotelCoreYYY
phonetic/i_p indiaCoreYYY
phonetic/j_p julietCoreYYY
phonetic/k_p kiloCoreYYY
phonetic/l_p limaCoreYYY
phonetic/m_p mikeCoreYYY
phonetic/n_p novemberCoreYYY
phonetic/o_p oscarCoreYYY
phonetic/p_p papaCoreYYY
phonetic/q_p quebecCoreYYY
phonetic/r_p romeoCoreYYY
phonetic/s_p sierraCoreYYY
phonetic/t_p tangoCoreYYY
phonetic/u_p uniformCoreYYY
phonetic/v_p victorCoreYYY
phonetic/w_p whiskeyCoreYYY
phonetic/x_p xrayCoreYYY
phonetic/y_p yankeeCoreYYY
phonetic/z_p zuluCoreYYY
privacy-incorrect I'm sorry, that number is not valid.CoreYYY
privacy-prompt Please enter your phone number, starting with the area code.CoreYYY
privacy-thankyou Thank you.CoreYYY
privacy-unident The party you are trying to reach does not accept unidentified calls.CoreYYY
priv-callee-options Dial 1 if you wish this caller to reach you directly now, and in the future. Dial 2 if you wish to send this caller to voicemail now and forevermore. Dial 3 to send this caller to the torture menus, now and forevermore. Dial 4 to send this caller to a polite “don't call” menu, now and forevermore. Dial 5 to allow this caller to come straight thru to you in the future, but just this once, send them to voicemail.CoreYYY
priv-callpending I have a caller waiting, who introduces themselves asCoreYYY
priv-introsaved Thank you. Please hold, while I attempt to connect you with your party!CoreYYY
priv-recordintro At the tone, please say your name.CoreYYY
queue-callswaiting Waiting to speak with a representativeCoreYYY
queue-holdtime The estimated hold time is currentlyCoreYYY
queue-less-than less thanCoreYYY
queue-minute minuteCoreYYY
queue-minutes minutesCoreYYY
queue-periodic-announce All of our represenatives are currently busy. Please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the next available representative.CoreYYY
queue-quantity1 Currently, there are more than …CoreYYY
queue-quantity2 … callers waiting to speak with a representative.CoreYYY
queue-reporthold Hold timeCoreYYY
queue-seconds SecondsCoreYYY
queue-thankyou Thank you for your patienceCoreYYY
queue-thereare You are currently caller numberCoreYYY
queue-youarenext Your call is now first in line and will be answered by the next available representative.CoreYYY
screen-callee-options You have these optionsCoreYYY
seconds secondsCoreYYY
silence/10 (10 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/1 (1 second of silence)CoreYYY
silence/2 (2 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/3 (3 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/4 (4 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/5 (5 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/6 (6 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/7 (7 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/8 (8 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
silence/9 (9 seconds of silence)CoreYYY
spy-agent AgentCoreYYY
spy-console ConsoleCoreYYY
spy-dahdi DAHDICoreYYY
spy-h323 H.323CoreYYY
spy-iax2 IAX (noteCoreYYY
spy-iax IAXCoreYYY
spy-jingle JingleCoreYYY
spy-local LocalCoreYYY
spy-mgcp MGCPCoreYYY
spy-misdn M I S D NCoreYYY
spy-mobile Bluetooth MobileCoreYYY
spy-nbs N B SCoreYYY
spy-sip SIPCoreYYY
spy-skinny SkinnyCoreYYY
spy-unistim UnistimCoreYYY
spy-usbradio USB RadioCoreYYY
spy-zap ZapCoreYYY
ss-noservice The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again.CoreYYY
transfer Please hold while I try that extension.CoreYYY
tt-allbusy All representatives of the household are currently assisting other telemarketers. Please hold and your call will be answered in the order it was received.CoreYYY
tt-monkeysintro They have been carried away by monkeysCoreYYY
tt-monkeys [sound of monkeys screaming]CoreYYY
tt-somethingwrong Something is terribly wrongCoreYYY
tt-weasels Weasels have eaten our phone systemCoreYYY
uppercase uppercaseCoreYYY
vm-advopts press 3 for advanced optionsCoreYYY
vm-and andCoreYYY
vm-calldiffnum press 2 to enter a different numberCoreYYY
vm-changeto Change to which folder?CoreYYY
vm-Cust1 folder 5CoreYYY
vm-Cust2 folder 6CoreYYY
vm-Cust3 folder 7CoreYYY
vm-Cust4 folder 8CoreYYY
vm-Cust5 folder 9CoreYYY
vm-deleted Message deleted.CoreYYY
vm-delete Press 7 to delete this message.CoreYYY
vm-dialout please wait while i connect your callCoreYYY
vm-duration This message lasts …CoreYYY
vm-enter-num-to-call please enter the number you wish to callCoreYYY
vm-extension extensionCoreYYY
vm-Family familyCoreYYY
vm-first firstCoreYYY
vm-for forCoreYYY
vm-forward-multiple press 1 to send this message, or 2 to add another recipient.CoreYYY
vm-forwardoptions press 1 to prepend a message or 2 to forward the message without prependingCoreYYY
vm-forward Press 1 to enter an extension, press 2 to use the directoryCoreYYY
vm-Friends friendsCoreYYY
vm-from-extension message from extensionCoreYYY
vm-from fromCoreYYY
vm-from-phonenumber message from phone numberCoreYYY
vm-goodbye GoodbyeCoreYYY
vm-helpexit Press star for help or pound to exit.CoreYYY
vm-INBOX newCoreYYY
vm-incorrect Login incorrect.CoreYYY
vm-incorrect-mailbox Login incorrect. Mailbox?CoreYYY
vm-instructions To look into your messages press 1 now. You may quit voicemail at any time by pressing the pound key.CoreYYY
vm-intro Please leave your message after the tone. When done hang up or press the pound key. (simple tone sound plays)CoreYYY
vm-invalidpassword That is not a valid password. Please try again.CoreYYY
vm-invalid-password That password does not meet the minimum requirements for this mailbox. Please try again.CoreYYY
vm-isonphone is on the phoneCoreYYY
vm-isunavail is unavailableCoreYYY
vm-last lastCoreYYY
vm-leavemsg Press 5 to leave a messageCoreYYY
vm-login Comedian Mail. Mailbox?CoreYYY
vm-mailboxfull sorry but the user's mail box can't accept more messagesCoreYYY
vm-marked-nonurgent Urgent status removed.CoreYYY
vm-marked-urgent Message marked urgent.CoreYYY
vm-message messageCoreYYY
vm-messages messagesCoreYYY
vm-minutes minutesCoreYYY
vm-mismatch The passwords you entered and re-entered did not match. Please try again.CoreYYY
vm-msgforwarded Your message has been successfully forwarded.CoreYYY
vm-msginstruct To hear the next message press 6, to repeat this message press 5, to hear the previous message press 4, to delete or undelete this message press zero, to quit voicemail press pound.CoreYYY
vm-msgsaved Your message has been saved.CoreYYY
vm-newpassword Please enter your new password followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
vm-newuser Welcome to Comedian Mail. First, I will guide you through a short setup process.CoreYYY
vm-next Press 6 to play the next message.CoreYYY
vm-nobodyavail Nobody is available to take your call at the momentCoreYYY
vm-nobox you cannot reply to this message because the sender does not have a mailboxCoreYYY
vm-nomore No more messages.CoreYYY
vm-no noCoreYYY
vm-nonumber I'm afraid i don't know who sent this messageCoreYYY
vm-num-i-have the number i have isCoreYYY
vm-Old oldCoreYYY
vm-onefor-full Press one to listen to …CoreYYY
vm-onefor Press 1 forCoreYYY
vm-options Press 1 to record your unavailable message, press 2 to record your busy message, press 3 to record your name, press 4 to record your temporary greeting, press 5 to change your password, press star to return to the main menu.CoreYYY
vm-opts-full press 2 to access messages saved in other folders. Press 3 to record a message for another mailbox. Press 0 for greetings and password management.CoreYYY
vm-opts Press 2 to change folders, press 3 for advanced options, press zero for mailbox options.CoreYYY
vm-passchanged Your passwords have been changed.CoreYYY
vm-password passwordCoreYYY
vm-pls-try-again please try againCoreYYY
vm-press pressCoreYYY
vm-prev Press 4 for the previous messageCoreYYY
vm-reachoper press 0 to reach an operatorCoreYYY
vm-rec-busy After the tone say your busy message and then press the pound key.CoreYYY
vm-received receivedCoreYYY
vm-rec-name After the tone say your name and then press the pound key.CoreYYY
vm-record-prepend At the tone, please record an introduction to the forwarded message. When done, press the pound sign.CoreYYY
vm-rec-temp After the tone, say your temporary message, and then press the pound key.CoreYYY
vm-rec-unv After the tone say your unavailable message and then press the pound key.CoreYYY
vm-reenterpassword Please re-enter your password followed by the pound key.CoreYYY
vm-repeat Press 5 to repeat the current message.CoreYYY
vm-review-nonurgent Press 4 to remove the urgent status of this message.CoreYYY
vm-review press 1 to accept this recording press 2 to listen to it press 3 to rerecord your messageCoreYYY
vm-review-urgent Press 4 to mark this message as urgent.CoreYYY
vm-saved savedCoreYYY
vm-savedto saved toCoreYYY
vm-savefolder Which folder should I save the message to?CoreYYY
vm-savemessage or 9 to save this messageCoreYYY
vm-saveoper press 1 to accept this recording, otherwise, please continue to holdCoreYYY
vm-sorry I'm sorry I did not understand your response.CoreYYY
vm-star-cancel press star to cancelCoreYYY
vm-starmain press star to return to the main menuCoreYYY
vm-tempgreetactive Your temporary greeting is currently activeCoreYYY
vm-tempgreeting2 press 1 to record your temporary greeting, or press 2 to erase your temporary greetingCoreYYY
vm-tempgreeting press 1 to record your temporary greetingCoreYYY
vm-tempremoved Your temporary greeting has been removedCoreYYY
vm-then-pound then press poundCoreYYY
vm-theperson The person at extensionCoreYYY
vm-tmpexists There is a temporary greeting, which overrides your standard greetings.CoreYYY
vm-tocallback press 2 to call the person who sent this messageCoreYYY
vm-tocallnum press 1 to call this numberCoreYYY
vm-tocancelmsg press star to cancel this messageCoreYYY
vm-tocancel or pound to cancel.CoreYYY
vm-toenternumber press 1 to enter a numberCoreYYY
vm-toforward Press 8 to forward the message to another userCoreYYY
vm-tohearenv press 3 to hear the message envelopeCoreYYY
vm-tomakecall press 4 to place an outgoing callCoreYYY
vm-tooshort your message is too short CoreYYY
vm-toreply press 1 to send a replyCoreYYY
vm-torerecord press 3 to rerecord your messageCoreYYY
vm-undeleted Message undeleted.CoreYYY
vm-undelete Press 7 to undelete this messageCoreYYY
vm-unknown-caller from an unknown callerCoreYYY
vm-Urgent urgentCoreYYY
vm-whichbox To leave a message, please enter a mailbox number.CoreYYY
vm-Work workCoreYYY
vm-youhave you haveCoreYYY
activated activatedCoreYYY
added added.CoreYYY
all-circuits-busy-now All circuits are busy nowCoreYYY
astcc-followed-by-pound followed by the pound keyCoreYYY
at-tone-time-exactly At the sound of the tone, the time will be exactlyCoreYYY
call-forwarding Call forwardingCoreYYY
call-fwd-no-ans Call-Forward on No AnswerCoreYYY
call-fwd-on-busy Call-Forward on BusyCoreYYY
call-fwd-unconditional Call-Forward UnconditionalCoreYYY
calling callingCoreYYY
call-waiting call waitingCoreYYY
cancelled CancelledCoreYYY
cannot-complete-as-dialed Your call cannot be completed as dialed.CoreYYY
check-number-dial-again Please check the number and dial again.CoreYYY
conf-full That conference is full.CoreYYY
de-activated de-activatedCoreYYY
disabled disabledCoreYYY
do-not-disturb Do not disturbCoreYYY
enabled enabledCoreYYY
enter-num-blacklist Please enter the number to be blacklisted.CoreYYY
entr-num-rmv-blklist Please enter the number to be removed from the blacklist.CoreYYY
extension extensionCoreYYY
feature-not-avail-line That feature is not available on this lineCoreYYY
for For (emphasized)CoreYYY
from-unknown-caller from an unknown callerCoreYYY
goodbye Goodbye!CoreYYY
hello HelloCoreYYY
if-correct-press If this is correct, press…CoreYYY
im-sorry I'm sorryCoreYYY
info-about-last-call Information about your last callCoreYYY
is isCoreYYY
is-in-use is in useCoreYYY
is-set-to is set toCoreYYY
location LocationCoreYYY
number numberCoreYYY
number-not-answering The number is not answering.CoreYYY
num-was-successfully The number was successfully…CoreYYY
one-moment-please one moment, please.CoreYYY
please-try-again Please try againCoreYYY
pls-hold-while-try Please hold while we try to connect you.CoreYYY
pls-try-call-later please try your call again laterCoreYYY
pm-invalid-option That option is invalid. Please try again.CoreYYY
privacy-to-blacklist-last-caller The last caller was…CoreYYY
removed removed.CoreYYY
simul-call-limit-reached Simultanious call limit reachedCoreYYY
something-terribly-wrong Something is terribly wrong!CoreYYY
sorry We're sorry. CoreYYY
sorry-youre-having-problems Sorry you're having problemsCoreYYY
speed-dial Speed-dialCoreYYY
speed-dial-empty The speed dial entry you've accessed is empty.CoreYYY
telephone-number telephone numberCoreYYY
time timeCoreYYY
to-call-this-number to call this numberCoreYYY
to-extension to extension CoreYYY
to-listen-to-it to listen to itCoreYYY
to-rerecord-it to re-record itCoreYYY
unidentified-no-callback un-indentified or witheld and therefore cannot be called back.CoreYYY
with withCoreYYY
you-entered You enteredCoreYYY
your yourCoreYYY

Extra Set

1-for-am-2-for-pm Press 1 for A.M, or 2 for P.M.ExtraYYN
1-yes-2-no Press 1 for yes, or 2 for no.ExtraYYN
1 1 sec silenceExtraYYN
10 10 sec silenceExtraYYN
2 2 sec silenceExtraYYN
3 3 sec silenceExtraYYN
4 4 sec silenceExtraYYN
5 5 sec silenceExtraYYN
6 6 sec silenceExtraYYN
7 7 sec silenceExtraYYN
8 8 sec silenceExtraYYN
9 9 sec silenceExtraYYN
T-changed-to [T] has been changed to [Extension Y]ExtraYYN
T-is-not-available [T] is not available ExtraYYN
T-to-disable-ancmnt [T] to disable this announcementExtraYYN
T-to-enable-ancmnt [T] to enable this announcementExtraYYN
T-to-hear-cur-ancmnt [T] to hear the current announcementExtraYYN
T-to-leave-msg [T] to leave a messageExtraYYN
T-to-reach-main-office [T] to reach the main officeExtraYYN
T-to-rec-ancmnt [T] to rerecord this announcementExtraYYN
T-to-rtrn-to-main-menu [T] to return to the main menuExtraYYN
a-charge-for-this-svc A charge for this serviceExtraYYN
a-collect-charge-of A collect charge ofExtraYYN
a-collect-charge A collect chargeExtraYYN
a-connect-charge-of A connect charge ofExtraYYN
a-connect-charge A connect chargeExtraYYN
abandon-all-hope Abandon all hope, ye who dial here.ExtraYYN
abandons abandonsExtraYYN
ac ACExtraYYN
academic-support Academic SupportExtraYYN
access-code Access codeExtraYYN
access-denied access deniedExtraYYN
access-granted access grantedExtraYYN
accessible-through-system accessible through this systemExtraYYN
account-balance-is Account balance isExtraYYN
accounting AccountingExtraYYN
accounts-payable Accounts PayableExtraYYN
accounts-receivable Accounts ReceivableExtraYYN
added-to added toExtraYYN
address addressExtraYYN
administration AdministrationExtraYYN
advised-to-seek-shelter are advised to seek shelter immediatelyExtraYYN
after-the-tone after the toneExtraYYN
afternoon afternoonExtraYYN
air-conditioner air conditionerExtraYYN
airport airportExtraYYN
alabama AlabamaExtraYYN
alarm alarmExtraYYN
alaska AlaskaExtraYYN
albuquerque AlbuquerqueExtraYYN
all-outgoing-lines-unavailable All outgoing lines are currently unavailableExtraYYN
all-reps-busy All of our representatives are currently busy.ExtraYYN
all-your-base All your base are belong to us.ExtraYYN
altitude altitudeExtraYYN
amp AmpExtraYYN
ampersand ampersandExtraYYN
amps AmpsExtraYYN
an-error-has-occurred An error has occurred.ExtraYYN
an-error-has-occured An error has occurred. (Symlink to 'an-error-has-occurred')ExtraYYN
and-area-code and the area code…ExtraYYN
and-or and/orExtraYYN
and-prs-pound-whn-finished And press pound when finishedExtraYYN
and andExtraYYN
another-time another timeExtraYYN
approaching approachingExtraYYN
approximately approximatelyExtraYYN
are-you-still-there Are you still there?(Disbelief)ExtraYYN
are-you-still-there2 Are you still there?(Funny)ExtraYYN
arizona ArizonaExtraYYN
arkansas ArkansasExtraYYN
arlington ArlingtonExtraYYN
around aroundExtraYYN
astcc-account-balance-is Your account balance is…ExtraYYN
astcc-account-number-invalid Your account number is invalidExtraYYN
astcc-balance-of-account-is The balance of your account is…ExtraYYN
astcc-card-number-invalid The card number you have entered is invalid.ExtraYYN
astcc-digit-account-number -digit account numberExtraYYN
astcc-followed-by-the-hash-key followed by the hash key.ExtraYYN
astcc-followed-by-the-pound-key followed by pound.ExtraYYN
astcc-login12pound Please enter your 12-digit account number, skipping any punctuation, followed by the pound key.ExtraYYN
astcc-please-enter-your Please enter your…ExtraYYN
astcc-skipping-any-punctuation skipping any punctuationExtraYYN
asterisk-friend Asterisk is your friend.ExtraYYN
at-any-time at any timeExtraYYN
at-customers-request at the customers requestExtraYYN
at-following-number At the following numberExtraYYN
at-sign at signExtraYYN
athletics AthleticsExtraYYN
atlanta AtlantaExtraYYN
atlantic atlanticExtraYYN
attention-required Your attention is requiredExtraYYN
attic atticExtraYYN
auditing AuditingExtraYYN
austin AustinExtraYYN
available-options available optionsExtraYYN
available AvailableExtraYYN
avg-speed-answer average speed of answerExtraYYN
away-naughty-boy He's currently away from his phone, the naughty boy.ExtraYYN
away-naughty-girl She's currently away from her phone, the naughty girl.ExtraYYN
baby-sleeping-mode baby sleeping modeExtraYYN
back backExtraYYN
backslash backslashExtraYYN
bad badExtraYYN
baltimore BaltimoreExtraYYN
bar barExtraYYN
barn BarnExtraYYN
barns BarnsExtraYYN
barometer barometerExtraYYN
barometric barometricExtraYYN
basement basementExtraYYN
bathroom bathroomExtraYYN
bearing BearingExtraYYN
beaufort beaufortExtraYYN
because-paranoid because we're paranoidExtraYYN
bedroom bedroomExtraYYN
before-the-number before the number.ExtraYYN
believe-its-free Can you believe this phone system is free?ExtraYYN
billing-and-collections Billing and collectionsExtraYYN
billing BillingExtraYYN
billionth billionthExtraYYN
bits bitsExtraYYN
blue-eyed-polar-bear Try to spend your time on hold not thinking about a blue-eyed polar bear.ExtraYYN
bookstore BookstoreExtraYYN
boston BostonExtraYYN
box BoxExtraYYN
brian BrianExtraYYN
bright brightExtraYYN
business-development Business DevelopmentExtraYYN
busy-hangovers We're all busy with our hangovers.ExtraYYN
busy-pls-hold All our lines are currently busy. Please hold and someone will be with you shortly.ExtraYYN
but but (not emphasized, like “all but me”)ExtraYYN
by byExtraYYN
bytes BytesExtraYYN
cafeteria CafeteriaExtraYYN
california CaliforniaExtraYYN
call-forward Call ForwardExtraYYN
call-fwd-cancelled call forward cancelledExtraYYN
call-fwd-parallel Call-Forward ParallelExtraYYN
call-preempted This call has be preemptedExtraYYN
call-quality-menu Please rate the quality of the call you just made. Use the keys one through four to rate the voice quality of the call, with one being the best quality, and four meaning that it was very difficult to understand the other party. Press five if the call was prematurely disconnected. Press six if the call was never completed. Press seven if one direction of the call could not be heard. Press eight if there were other difficulties.ExtraYYN
call-requres The call you have made requires a…ExtraYYN
call-terminated call terminatedExtraYYN
call CallExtraYYN
callerid caller idExtraYYN
calls-taken-by calls are being taken byExtraYYN
calls-waiting-for-rep calls waiting to speak with a representativeExtraYYN
calls callsExtraYYN
campground-office Campground officeExtraYYN
cannot-complete-network-error Your call cannot be completed due to network error.ExtraYYN
cannot-complete-otherend-error Your call cannot be completed due to an error at the receiving telephone company.ExtraYYN
cannot-complete-temp-error Your call cannot be completed due to a temporary errorExtraYYN
card-balance-is card balance isExtraYYN
card-is-invalid card is invalidExtraYYN
card-number card numberExtraYYN
carport carportExtraYYN
carried-away-by-monkeys Nobody is available to take your call at the moment. They have been carried away by monkeys.ExtraYYN
cause-code Cause CodeExtraYYN
ceiling ceilingExtraYYN
celsius celsiusExtraYYN
cent CentExtraYYN
central centralExtraYYN
cents-per-minute Cents per minuteExtraYYN
cents CentsExtraYYN
cents centsExtraYYN
ceo-office CEO's officeExtraYYN
chance-of chance ofExtraYYN
changing changingExtraYYN
channel-insecure-warn This voice path is insecure - do not discuss classified information or use project codewords.ExtraYYN
channel-secure This voice path is secure.ExtraYYN
channel ChannelExtraYYN
channel channelExtraYYN
charlotte CharlotteExtraYYN
chat-room chat roomExtraYYN
chemistry ChemistryExtraYYN
chicago ChicagoExtraYYN
chris ChrisExtraYYN
claims ClaimsExtraYYN
clear clearExtraYYN
clearing clearingExtraYYN
cleveland ClevelandExtraYYN
clli CLLIExtraYYN
close-parenthesis close parenthesisExtraYYN
closet closetExtraYYN
clouds cloudsExtraYYN
cloudy cloudyExtraYYN
coffee-pot coffee potExtraYYN
collections CollectionsExtraYYN
colorado-springs Colorado SpringsExtraYYN
colorado ColoradoExtraYYN
columbus ColumbusExtraYYN
comma commaExtraYYN
communications CommunicationsExtraYYN
company-dir-411 To access our company directory, dial 411 or dial zero to leave a message in our general mailbox.ExtraYYN
complaint ComplaintExtraYYN
compliance ComplianceExtraYYN
computer-friend1 The computer is your friend.ExtraYYN
computer-friend2 The computer is your friend.ExtraYYN
conditions conditionsExtraYYN
conf-banned You have been banned from this conference.ExtraYYN
conf-hasentered has entered the conferenceExtraYYN
conf-onlypersonleft You are now the only person left in this conference.ExtraYYN
conf-peopleinconf people in this conferenceExtraYYN
conf-sysop The sysopExtraYYN
conf-sysopreq System operator requested.ExtraYYN
conf-sysopreqcancelled System operator request cancelled.ExtraYYN
conf-youareinconfnum You are in conference number…ExtraYYN
conference-call conference callExtraYYN
conference-reservations Conference ReservationsExtraYYN
conference ConferenceExtraYYN
confirm-number-is Your confirmation number isExtraYYN
connected ConnectedExtraYYN
connecticut ConnecticutExtraYYN
connecting ConnectingExtraYYN
connection-failed Connection failed.ExtraYYN
connection-timed-out Connection timed out.ExtraYYN
continue-english-press To continue in english, pressExtraYYN
continue-in-english to continue in english,…ExtraYYN
cool coolExtraYYN
cooling coolingExtraYYN
copy-center Copy centerExtraYYN
could-lose-a-few-pounds you could lose a few poundsExtraYYN
counseling-services Counseling servicesExtraYYN
count countExtraYYN
crash crashExtraYYN
current-time-is The current time isExtraYYN
currently currentlyExtraYYN
customer-accounts customer accountsExtraYYN
customer-relations customer relationsExtraYYN
customer-service customer serviceExtraYYN
cyclone cycloneExtraYYN
dallas DallasExtraYYN
date dateExtraYYN
day dayExtraYYN
daylight daylightExtraYYN
days daysExtraYYN
dc DCExtraYYN
deadbeat Deadbeat!ExtraYYN
decibel decibelExtraYYN
decibels decibelsExtraYYN
deck deckExtraYYN
decode decodeExtraYYN
default-attendant default attendantExtraYYN
degree degreeExtraYYN
degrees degreesExtraYYN
degrees degreesExtraYYN
delaware DelawareExtraYYN
den denExtraYYN
denial-of-service Denial of serviceExtraYYN
denver DenverExtraYYN
department-administrator Department administratorExtraYYN
department departmentExtraYYN
deposit depositeExtraYYN
design designExtraYYN
detroit DetroitExtraYYN
development developmentExtraYYN
dew-point dew pointExtraYYN
dial-here-often So, do you dial here often?ExtraYYN
digit digitExtraYYN
digits digitsExtraYYN
dim dimExtraYYN
dining-room dining roomExtraYYN
directory-assistance directory assistanceExtraYYN
directory directoryExtraYYN
discon-or-out-of-service The number you have dialed has been disconnected or is no longer in service. Please check the number, and try your call again.ExtraYYN
disconnected DisconnectedExtraYYN
disk DiskExtraYYN
distribution DistrobutionExtraYYN
divided-by divided byExtraYYN
dns DNSExtraYYN
doing-enum-lookup Doing an e-num lookupExtraYYN
dont-know-who-sent I'm afraid I don't know who sent this messageExtraYYN
door doorExtraYYN
doors doorsExtraYYN
doppler-radar doppler radarExtraYYN
down DownExtraYYN
down downExtraYYN
driveway drivewayExtraYYN
driving-directions for driving directions to our location, pressExtraYYN
dryer dryerExtraYYN
duplex duplexExtraYYN
duplication duplictionExtraYYN
early earlyExtraYYN
east eastExtraYYN
easterly easterlyExtraYYN
eastern easternExtraYYN
echo-test You will now hear your own voice in an echo test.ExtraYYN
ed EdExtraYYN
eighteenth eighteenthExtraYYN
eighth eighthExtraYYN
eightieth eightiethExtraYYN
el-paso El PasoExtraYYN
eleventh eleventhExtraYYN
email EmailExtraYYN
emergency EmergencyExtraYYN
encode EncodeExtraYYN
engineering EngineeringExtraYYN
ent-target-attendant please enter the number of the extension to use for your target attendantExtraYYN
enter-a-time Enter a time using 4 digits. Start with a zero for hours less than ten. ExtraYYN
enter-conf-call-number Please enter the conference call number for the conference you wish to join.ExtraYYN
enter-conf-pin-number Please enter the conference pin number.ExtraYYN
enter-ext-of-person enter the extension of the person you are trying to reachExtraYYN
enter-password Please enter your password, followed by the pound key.ExtraYYN
enter-phone-number10 Please enter your ten-digit telephone number, area code first.ExtraYYN
entering-conf-number You are entering conference numberExtraYYN
enum-lookup-failed e-num lookup failedExtraYYN
enum-lookup-successful e-num lookup successfulExtraYYN
error-number Error numberExtraYYN
error-number error numberExtraYYN
est-hold-time-is the estimated hold time is currentlyExtraYYN
euro euroExtraYYN
euro euroExtraYYN
european europeanExtraYYN
euros eurosExtraYYN
euros eurosExtraYYN
evening eveningExtraYYN
explanation explanationExtraYYN
ext-or-zero Please dial the extension of the person you're trying to reach, or 0 for an operator.ExtraYYN
extensions extensionsExtraYYN
facilities FacilitesExtraYYN
fahrenheit fahrenheitExtraYYN
falling fallingExtraYYN
falling fallingExtraYYN
fan fanExtraYYN
farad faradExtraYYN
farads faradsExtraYYN
fast fastExtraYYN
feet FeetExtraYYN
feet feetExtraYYN
female FemaleExtraYYN
fifteenth fifteenthExtraYYN
fifth fifthExtraYYN
fiftieth fiftiethExtraYYN
finals FinalsExtraYYN
finance FinanceExtraYYN
first-floor first floorExtraYYN
first-in-line your call is now first in line, and will be answered by the first available representativeExtraYYN
first firstExtraYYN
flagged-for-lea has been flagged for retrvial by law enforcement officialsExtraYYN
flooding floodingExtraYYN
floor floorExtraYYN
floors floorsExtraYYN
florida FloridaExtraYYN
fog fogExtraYYN
foggy foggyExtraYYN
followed-by followed byExtraYYN
food-service Food serviceExtraYYN
food-services Food serviesExtraYYN
foot footExtraYYN
for-a-daily-wakeup-call For a daily wakeup callExtraYYN
for-a-list-of For a list of ExtraYYN
for-accounting For accountingExtraYYN
for-billing For billingExtraYYN
for-billing For billingExtraYYN
for-english-press For english, pressExtraYYN
for-extended-status-report For an extended status reportExtraYYN
for-investor-relations for investor relations, press ExtraYYN
for-louie-louie for the lyrics to louie, louie, press ExtraYYN
for-no-press for no, pressExtraYYN
for-qc-and-training-purposes For quality control and training purposesExtraYYN
for-quality-purposes for quality assurance purposesExtraYYN
for-quick-status-report For a quick status reportExtraYYN
for-sales For salesExtraYYN
for-service For serviceExtraYYN
for-tech-support For tech supporyExtraYYN
for-tech-support For technical supportExtraYYN
for-the-first For the firstExtraYYN
for-the-weather For the weatherExtraYYN
for-wakeup-call For a wakeup call…ExtraYYN
for-wx-report For a weather reportExtraYYN
for-yes-press for yes, pressExtraYYN
for forExtraYYN
fort-worth Fort WorthExtraYYN
fortieth fortiethExtraYYN
fountain fountainExtraYYN
fourteenth fourteenthExtraYYN
fourth fourthExtraYYN
foyer foyerExtraYYN
freeze freezeExtraYYN
freezing freezingExtraYYN
frequency FrequencyExtraYYN
fresno FresnoExtraYYN
from from (empasized)ExtraYYN
front frontExtraYYN
ftp FTPExtraYYN
furnace furnaceExtraYYN
gale galeExtraYYN
gambling-drunk We're off gambling and getting drunk.ExtraYYN
game-room game roomExtraYYN
garage garageExtraYYN
georgia GeorgiaExtraYYN
gigabits GigabitsExtraYYN
gigabytes GigabyesExtraYYN
gigahertz GigahertzExtraYYN
giggle1 giggleExtraYYN
gmt greenwich mean timeExtraYYN
go-away1 Go away!ExtraYYN
go-away2 Go away (playful)ExtraYYN
good goodExtraYYN
good-afternoon Good afternoonExtraYYN
good-evening Good eveningExtraYYN
good-morning Good morningExtraYYN
great-room great roomExtraYYN
greater-than greater thanExtraYYN
groovy groovyExtraYYN
guest-room guest roomExtraYYN
gust gustExtraYYN
gusting-to gusting toExtraYYN
gusts gustsExtraYYN
gusty gustyExtraYYN
hail hailExtraYYN
half halfExtraYYN
hall halExtraYYN
hang-on-a-second-angry I said HANG ON a second!ExtraYYN
hang-on-a-second Hang on a second…ExtraYYN
hangup-try-again Please hangup and try your call again.ExtraYYN
has-arrived-at has arrived atExtraYYN
has-been-changed-to has been changed toExtraYYN
has-been-cleared has been clearedExtraYYN
has-been-disconnected has been disconnectedExtraYYN
has-been-left has been leftExtraYYN
has-been-set-to has been set toExtraYYN
has-been has beenExtraYYN
has-expired has expiredExtraYYN
has-issued-a has issued aExtraYYN
has-not-been-seen-for has not been seen forExtraYYN
has hasExtraYYN
hash hashExtraYYN
hash hashExtraYYN
hawaii HawaiiExtraYYN
headed-towards Headed towardsExtraYYN
heading HeadingExtraYYN
health-center Health centerExtraYYN
hear-odd-noise to hear an odd noise, press ExtraYYN
hear-toilet-flush to hear a toilet flush, press ExtraYYN
heat-index heat indexExtraYYN
heat-pump heat pumpExtraYYN
heat heatExtraYYN
heating heatingExtraYYN
hectopascal hecto-pascalExtraYYN
helpdesk HelpdeskExtraYYN
hertz HertzExtraYYN
high highExtraYYN
highway HighwayExtraYYN
hit hitExtraYYN
hold-or-dial-0 Please continue to hold or dial zero to leave a message in our general mailbox.ExtraYYN
home homeExtraYYN
honolulu HonoluluExtraYYN
hot-tub hot tubExtraYYN
house houseExtraYYN
housekeeping HousekeepingExtraYYN
houston HoustonExtraYYN
http HTTPExtraYYN
human-resources Human ResourcesExtraYYN
humidity humidityExtraYYN
humidity humidityExtraYYN
hundredth hundredthExtraYYN
hurricane hurricaneExtraYYN
hz Hertz (again?)ExtraYYN
i-dont-understand I don't understand. (emotionless)ExtraYYN
i-dont-understand2 I… don't understand. (confused?)ExtraYYN
i-dont-understand3 (faint laugh)I don't understand.ExtraYYN
i-dont-understand4 I… don't… understand. (William Shatner-like)ExtraYYN
i-dont-understand5 Um, I don't understand. (spoken quickly)ExtraYYN
i-grow-bored I grow bored of this conversation.ExtraYYN
ice iceExtraYYN
icmp ICMPExtraYYN
icy icyExtraYYN
idaho IdahoExtraYYN
if-grtg-played-indefinately if this greeting should be played indefinatelyExtraYYN
if-grtg-should-expire-at if this greeting should expire atExtraYYN
if-maint-contract-or-emergency If you have a maintenance contract or require emergency assistance.ExtraYYN
if-rotary-phone If you have a rotary phone, please stay on the line after the menu.ExtraYYN
if-this-is-correct-press if this is correct, pressExtraYYN
if-this-is-correct If this is correct…ExtraYYN
if-this-is-not-correct If this is not correct…ExtraYYN
if-u-know-ext-dial If you know the extension of the party you wish to reach, dial it now. ExtraYYN
if-unsuccessful-speak-to In case I am unsuccessful, you should speak to…ExtraYYN
if-you-know-the if you know theExtraYYN
if-you-need-help if you need helpExtraYYN
if-youd-like-to-make-a-call If you'd like to make a call…ExtraYYN
illinois IllinoisExtraYYN
im-sorry-unable-to-connect-to-eng I am sorry, but I was unable to connect you to our on-call engineer.ExtraYYN
imap IMAPExtraYYN
in-service In serviceExtraYYN
in-the-line in the lineExtraYYN
in-the-queue in the queueExtraYYN
in-the in theExtraYYN
in-your-city in your cityExtraYYN
in-your-zip-code in your zip codeExtraYYN
inbound inboundExtraYYN
inch inchExtraYYN
inches inchesExtraYYN
indiana IndianExtraYYN
indianapolis IndianapolisExtraYYN
indicated indicatedExtraYYN
information-technology Information TechnologyExtraYYN
information informationExtraYYN
infuriate-tech-staff to infuriate our tech staff with your obvious questions, press [X]ExtraYYN
initiated InitiatedExtraYYN
initiating InitiatingExtraYYN
inside-sales Inside SalesExtraYYN
internal-audit Internal AuditExtraYYN
international-call International callExtraYYN
international-call international callExtraYYN
interstate InterstateExtraYYN
intruder intruderExtraYYN
invalid-date invalid dateExtraYYN
investor-relations Investor RelationsExtraYYN
iowa IowaExtraYYN
is-at is atExtraYYN
is-curntly-busy is currently busyExtraYYN
is-curntly-unavail is currently unavailableExtraYYN
is-currently is currentlyExtraYYN
is-not-in-the is not in the…ExtraYYN
is-not-set is not setExtraYYN
is-now-being-recorded is now being recordedExtraYYN
is isExtraYYN
it-now it nowExtraYYN
it-services IT ServicesExtraYYN
jacksonville JacksonvilleExtraYYN
janitorial JanitorialExtraYYN
jason Jason ExtraYYN
jedi-extension-trick This is not the extension you are looking for.ExtraYYN
john JohnExtraYYN
just-kidding-not-upset Just kidding; didn't mean to get you all upset.ExtraYYN
just-kidding-not-upset2 Just kidding; didn't mean to get you all upset.ExtraYYN
kansas-city Kansas CityExtraYYN
kansas KansasExtraYYN
kelvin kelvinExtraYYN
kentucky KentuckyExtraYYN
kilobits KilobitsExtraYYN
kilobytes KilobytesExtraYYN
kilohertz KilohertzExtraYYN
kilometer KilometerExtraYYN
kilometer kilometerExtraYYN
kilometers-per-hour kilometers per hourExtraYYN
kitchen kitchenExtraYYN
knock-knock Knock knock!ExtraYYN
knots knotsExtraYYN
lamp lampExtraYYN
lamps lampsExtraYYN
landscape landscapeExtraYYN
language LanguageExtraYYN
large largeExtraYYN
las-vegas Las VagasExtraYYN
last-error-was The last error on this line was…ExtraYYN
last-num-to-call The last number that called your line was…ExtraYYN
late lateExtraYYN
later laterExtraYYN
laundry laundryExtraYYN
lea-may-request-info Law enforcement officials may request this informationExtraYYN
left-bracket left bracketExtraYYN
legal LegalExtraYYN
len LenExtraYYN
less-than less thanExtraYYN
library LibraryExtraYYN
library libraryExtraYYN
light lightExtraYYN
lightning lightningExtraYYN
lights lightsExtraYYN
limit-simul-calls To protect Internet bandwidth and maintain call quality, this system has a limit on the number of simultanious calls.ExtraYYN
lines-complaining-customers All lines are full of complaining customers.ExtraYYN
linux LinuxExtraYYN
list listExtraYYN
living-room living roomExtraYYN
load-average Load averageExtraYYN
local-authorities local authoritiesExtraYYN
locked lockedExtraYYN
locking lockingExtraYYN
login-fail Login failExtraYYN
long-beach Long BeachExtraYYN
los-angeles Los AngelesExtraYYN
loss-prevention Loss PreventionExtraYYN
loss LossExtraYYN
;lots-o-monkeys (sound effects of many angry monkeys)ExtraYYN
louisiana LouisianaExtraYYN
low lowExtraYYN
lunch lunchExtraYYN
lyrics-louie-louie Louie Louie, me gotta go, Louie Louie, me gotta go, Fine little girl she waits for me, Me catch the ship for cross the sea, Me sail the ship all alone, Me never thinks me make it home, (chorus), Three nights and days me sail the sea, Me think of girl constantly, On the ship I dream she there, I smell the rose in her hair, (chorus, guitar solo), Me see Jamaica moon above, It won't be long, me see my love, I take her in my arms and then, Me tell her I never leave again.ExtraYYN
machine MachineExtraYYN
made-it-up Just because I made it up doesn't mean it isn't true.ExtraYYN
mail MailExtraYYN
mailbox mailboxExtraYYN
mailroom MailroomExtraYYN
main-menu Main MenuExtraYYN
maine MaineExtraYYN
maintenance MaintenanceExtraYYN
male MaleExtraYYN
management ManagementExtraYYN
manufacturing ManufacturingExtraYYN
marketing MarketingExtraYYN
marryme Will you marry me? Press 1 for yes or 2 for no.ExtraYYN
maryland MarylandExtraYYN
massachusetts MassachusettsExtraYYN
master masterExtraYYN
mathematics MathematicsExtraYYN
maximum maximumExtraYYN
megabits megabitsExtraYYN
megabytes megabytesExtraYYN
megahertz megahertzExtraYYN
memory memoryExtraYYN
memphis MemphisExtraYYN
menu menuExtraYYN
mesa MesaExtraYYN
message-from message fromExtraYYN
message-number Message numberExtraYYN
meter meterExtraYYN
meter meterExtraYYN
meters metersExtraYYN
meters metersExtraYYN
miami MiamiExtraYYN
michigan MichiganExtraYYN
midnight-tomorrow-night midnight tomorrow nightExtraYYN
midnight-tonight midnight tonightExtraYYN
midnight midnightExtraYYN
mike MikeExtraYYN
miles-per-hour miles per hourExtraYYN
miles milesExtraYYN
;millionth millionthExtraYYN
milwaukee MilwaukeeExtraYYN
minimum minimumExtraYYN
minneapolis MinneapolisExtraYYN
minnesota MinnesotaExtraYYN
minute minuteExtraYYN
missed missedExtraYYN
mississippi MississippiExtraYYN
missouri MissouriExtraYYN
mist mistExtraYYN
mist mistExtraYYN
misty mistyExtraYYN
monitored monitoredExtraYYN
montana MontanaExtraYYN
month monthExtraYYN
months monthsExtraYYN
moo1 Moo!ExtraYYN
moo2 mooooo!ExtraYYN
morning morningExtraYYN
moron Moron! (said by an angry Allison)ExtraYYN
mostly mostlyExtraYYN
motor-pool Motor PoolExtraYYN
mountain mountainExtraYYN
moving movingExtraYYN
ms millisecondsExtraYYN
nashville NashvilleExtraYYN
national-weather-service National Weather ServiceExtraYYN
nautical-miles nautical milesExtraYYN
nbdy-avail-to-take-call Nobody is avaialble to take your call.ExtraYYN
near nearExtraYYN
nebraska NebraskaExtraYYN
negative negativeExtraYYN
network-operations-center Network Operations CenterExtraYYN
network-operations Network OperationsExtraYYN
nevada NevadaExtraYYN
new-accounts New AccountsExtraYYN
new-hampshire New HampshireExtraYYN
new-jersey New JerseyExtraYYN
new-mexico New MexicoExtraYYN
new-orleans New OrleansExtraYYN
new-york New YorkExtraYYN
nineteenth nineteenthExtraYYN
ninetieth ninetiethExtraYYN
ninth ninthExtraYYN
no-112-1 this line does not support one one two services [quickly]ExtraYYN
no-112-2 this line does not support one one two servicesExtraYYN
no-911-1 this line does not support nine one one services [quickly]ExtraYYN
no-911-2 this line does not support nine one one services ExtraYYN
no-empty-conferences No empty conferences currently exist.ExtraYYN
no-info-about-number no further information is available about this numberExtraYYN
no-longer-in-service is no longer in serviceExtraYYN
no-reply-no-mailbox you cannot reply to this message because the sender does not have a mailboxExtraYYN
no-route-exists-to-dest No route exists to the dialed destination.ExtraYYN
nobody-but-chickens Nobody here but us chickens!ExtraYYN
node nodeExtraYYN
north-carolina North CarolinaExtraYYN
north-dakota North DakotaExtraYYN
north northExtraYYN
northeast northeastExtraYYN
northerly northerlyExtraYYN
northwest northwestExtraYYN
not-auth-pstn You at not authorized to call out using the PSTNExtraYYN
not-enough-credit You do not have enough credit to dial this number.ExtraYYN
not-necessary-1 It is not necessary to dial a 1 when dialing this number.ExtraYYN
not-necessary-ac It is not necessary to dial the area code when dialing this number.ExtraYYN
not-necessary-dial-1-or-ac It is not necessary to dial a 1 or the area code when dialing this number.ExtraYYN
not-rqsted-wakeup You have not requested a wakeup call.ExtraYYN
not-taking-your-call The party at the number you have dialed has decided not to take calls from your number at this time.ExtraYYN
not-yet-assigned has not yet been assignedExtraYYN
not-yet-connected is not yet connected.ExtraYYN
nothing-recorded nothing has been recordedExtraYYN
now now.ExtraYYN
num-not-in-db Number not found in database.ExtraYYN
num-outside-area The number you are calling is outside of your local calling area. Please dial…ExtraYYN
oakland OaklandExtraYYN
octothorpe octothorpeExtraYYN
off-duty Off dutyExtraYYN
off offExtraYYN
office-code office codeExtraYYN
office-iguanas The office has been overrun with iguanas.ExtraYYN
office OfficeExtraYYN
office officeExtraYYN
ohio OhioExtraYYN
ohm OhmExtraYYN
ohms OhmsExtraYYN
oklahoma-city Oklahoma CityExtraYYN
oklahoma OaklahomaExtraYYN
omaha OmahaExtraYYN
on-busy on busyExtraYYN
on-monthly-tel-stment on your monthly telephone statementExtraYYN
on-no-answer on no answerExtraYYN
on On.ExtraYYN
on onExtraYYN
one-small-step That's one small step for Asterisk, one giant leap for mankind.ExtraYYN
one-small-step2 That's one small step for Asterisk, one giant leap for mankind.ExtraYYN
oops1 OopsExtraYYN
oops2 Oops (laughy)ExtraYYN
oops3 Oops (long o)ExtraYYN
open-parenthesis open parenthesisExtraYYN
open openExtraYYN
operations OperationsExtraYYN
option-is-invalid That option is invalid. Please try again.ExtraYYN
option-not-implemented That option is not implemented.ExtraYYN
or-press or pressExtraYYN
or orExtraYYN
or orExtraYYN
order-desk Order DeskExtraYYN
orders OrdersExtraYYN
oregon OregonExtraYYN
other-options-exercise All other options are left as an exercise for the caller.ExtraYYN
otherwise-press otherwise pressExtraYYN
otherwise Otherwise…ExtraYYN
our-business-hours-are Our business hours areExtraYYN
outbound OutboundExtraYYN
outside-sales Outside SalesExtraYYN
outside-transfer outside transferExtraYYN
pacific pacificExtraYYN
packet packetExtraYYN
panic panicExtraYYN
partially partiallyExtraYYN
partly partlyExtraYYN
pascal pascalExtraYYN
pascal2 pascal2ExtraYYN
patchy patchyExtraYYN
patio patioExtraYYN
pence PenceExtraYYN
pennies PenniesExtraYYN
pennsylvania PennsylvaniaExtraYYN
penny PennyExtraYYN
percent percentExtraYYN
percent percentExtraYYN
perhaps-we-are Perhaps we'reExtraYYN
perhaps-we-are2 Perhaps we'reExtraYYN
period periodExtraYYN
personnel PersonnelExtraYYN
persons-in-path-of Persons in the immediate path of theExtraYYN
philadelphia PhiladelphiaExtraYYN
phoenix PheonixExtraYYN
phone phoneExtraYYN
physics PhysicsExtraYYN
pin-invalid That pin is invalid for this conference.ExtraYYN
pin-number-accepted Pin number acceptedExtraYYN
ping PingExtraYYN
pipe pipeExtraYYN
planning PlanningExtraYYN
play-room play roomExtraYYN
play playExtraYYN
please-answer-the-following Please answer the following…ExtraYYN
please-contact-tech-supt Please contact technical supportExtraYYN
please-enter-first-three-letters Please enter the first three letters of your party's first or last name.ExtraYYN
please-enter-the Please enter theExtraYYN
please-enter-your Please enter yourExtraYYN
please-hang-up-and-dial-operator Please hang up and dial the operator.ExtraYYN
please-hang-up-and-try-again Please hang up and try again.ExtraYYN
please-try-again-later Please try again later.ExtraYYN
please-try please tryExtraYYN
please-wait-connect-oncall-eng Please wait, and I will attempt to patch you through to our on-call engineer.ExtraYYN
pls-ent-num-transfer please enter the number to use for call transferExtraYYN
pls-enter-conf-password Please enter the conference passwordExtraYYN
pls-enter-num-message-after-tone Please enter your numeric message after the tone.ExtraYYN
pls-enter-vm-password Please enter your voicemail passwordExtraYYN
pls-entr-num-uwish2-call please enter the number you wish to callExtraYYN
pls-hold-silent30 Please hold (silence for 30 seconds)ExtraYYN
pls-lv-msg-will-contact Please leave a message after the tone and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.ExtraYYN
pls-rcrd-name-at-tone please record your name at the tone.ExtraYYN
pls-stay-on-line Please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the next available representative.ExtraYYN
pls-try-again Please try again!ExtraYYN
pls-try-area-code please try area codeExtraYYN
pls-try-manually Please try manually.ExtraYYN
pls-wait-connect-call Please wait, while I connect your call.ExtraYYN
plugh Plugh (ploo-g)ExtraYYN
pm-announcement-number Annoucement numberExtraYYN
pm-phrase-management Phrase management.ExtraYYN
pm-prompt-number Prompt number…ExtraYYN
pm-to-record-phrase To record a phraseExtraYYN
pm-to-review-phrase To review a phraseExtraYYN
point PointExtraYYN
point pointExtraYYN
pool poolExtraYYN
pop POPExtraYYN
porch porchExtraYYN
port portExtraYYN
portland PortlandExtraYYN
portnumber port numberExtraYYN
position positionExtraYYN
post-entry-pound digit account number, skipping any punctuation, followed by the pound key.ExtraYYN
pounds poundsExtraYYN
power-failure power failureExtraYYN
presales-support Presales supportExtraYYN
presidents-office Presidents officeExtraYYN
press-0 Press 0ExtraYYN
press-1 Press 1ExtraYYN
press-1 Press 1ExtraYYN
press-2 Press 2ExtraYYN
press-2 Press 2ExtraYYN
press-3 Press 3ExtraYYN
press-3 Press 3ExtraYYN
press-4 Press 4ExtraYYN
press-4 Press 4ExtraYYN
press-5 Press 5ExtraYYN
press-5 Press 5ExtraYYN
press-6-to-eject or press 6 to eject the last user.ExtraYYN
press-6 Press 6ExtraYYN
press-6 Press 6ExtraYYN
press-7 Press 7ExtraYYN
press-7 Press 7ExtraYYN
press-8 Press 8ExtraYYN
press-8 Press 8ExtraYYN
press-9 Press 9ExtraYYN
press-9 Press 9ExtraYYN
press-button-again Press that button again!ExtraYYN
press-enter Press EnterExtraYYN
press-escape Press EscapeExtraYYN
press-hash Press HashExtraYYN
press-hash Press hashExtraYYN
press-pound-save-changes Press pound to save your changes.ExtraYYN
press-pound-to-login-star-to-hangup Press pound to login to voicemail, or * to hangup.ExtraYYN
press-pound Press PoundExtraYYN
press-pound Press poundExtraYYN
press-return Press returnExtraYYN
press-star-cancel Press star to cancel.ExtraYYN
press-star Press starExtraYYN
press-star Press starExtraYYN
press-the-space-bar Press the space barExtraYYN
press-tilde Press tildeExtraYYN
press PressExtraYYN
pressure pressureExtraYYN
pressure pressureExtraYYN
printing PrintingExtraYYN
privacy-blacklisted BlacklistedExtraYYN
privacy-blocked BlockedExtraYYN
privacy-if-error-leave-message-or-hangup If you feel this in error, or unjust, please leave a message after the tone. Otherwise, please hang up now.ExtraYYN
privacy-if-error If you feel this is in error…ExtraYYN
privacy-if-sales-call-contact-in-writing If this is an unsolicited sales or marketing call, please be advised that we only wish to be contacted in writing.ExtraYYN
privacy-last-caller-was The last caller was…ExtraYYN
privacy-not NOTExtraYYN
privacy-please-dial Please dial…ExtraYYN
privacy-please-stay-on-line-to-be-connected Please stay on the line to be connected.ExtraYYN
privacy-screening-unidentified-calls Due to the huge number of unsolicited calls we recieve, we are now screening all inbound calls where a caller ID is unavailable or withheld.ExtraYYN
privacy-stop-calling-not-welcome Please stop calling. You are not welcome here.ExtraYYN
privacy-stop-calling-not-welcome2 Please stop calling. You are not welcome here. (annoyed)ExtraYYN
privacy-this-number-is This number is…ExtraYYN
privacy-to-blacklist-this-number To blacklist this number…ExtraYYN
privacy-to-hear-our-contact-details to hear our contact detailsExtraYYN
privacy-to-whitelist-last-caller To whitelist the last caller…ExtraYYN
privacy-to-whitelist-this-number To whitelist this number…ExtraYYN
privacy-whitelisted whitelistedExtraYYN
privacy-you-are-blacklisted You have been blacklisted on this system.ExtraYYN
privacy-you-are-calling-from You are calling from…ExtraYYN
privacy-your-callerid-is Your Caller*ID is…ExtraYYN
product ProductExtraYYN
production ProductionExtraYYN
projects ProjectsExtraYYN
protocol protocolExtraYYN
psi psiExtraYYN
public-relations Public RelationsExtraYYN
purchasing PurchasingExtraYYN
purposes PurposesExtraYYN
q-dot-931 q.931ExtraYYN
q-dot-9thirty1 q.9-thirty-oneExtraYYN
quality-assurance Quality AssuranceExtraYYN
quality-control Quality ContolExtraYYN
quarter quarterExtraYYN
quickly quicklyExtraYYN
quiet-mode quiet modeExtraYYN
quote quoteExtraYYN
race RaceExtraYYN
rain rainExtraYYN
rainfall RainfallExtraYYN
rainy rainyExtraYYN
range RangeExtraYYN
reassigned-new-areacode has been reassigned in another areacodeExtraYYN
rebates RebatesExtraYYN
received receivedExtraYYN
receiving ReceivingExtraYYN
reception ReceptionExtraYYN
recorded recordedExtraYYN
registrar RegistrarExtraYYN
remote-already-in-this-mode-2 The remote is already in this mode.ExtraYYN
remote-already-in-this-mode remote is already in this mode.ExtraYYN
remote-base Remote BaseExtraYYN
repair RepairExtraYYN
repeat-only Repeat OnlyExtraYYN
repeater RepeaterExtraYYN
research-and-development Research & DevelopmentExtraYYN
research ResearchExtraYYN
reservations ReservationsExtraYYN
reset resetExtraYYN
restarting RestartingExtraYYN
rhode-island Rhode IslandExtraYYN
right-bracket right bracketExtraYYN
rising risingExtraYYN
rising risingExtraYYN
risk-management Risk ManagementExtraYYN
roaming RoamingExtraYYN
roof roofExtraYYN
room-service Room ServiceExtraYYN
room roomExtraYYN
rooms roomsExtraYYN
route-sip Your call is being routed over SIP.ExtraYYN
rqsted-wakeup-for You have requested a wakeup call for…ExtraYYN
sacramento SacramentoExtraYYN
saint-louis St. LouisExtraYYN
sales-floor Sales FloorExtraYYN
sales SalesExtraYYN
san-antonio San AntoniaExtraYYN
san-diego San DiegoExtraYYN
san-francisco San FranciscoExtraYYN
san-jose San JoseExtraYYN
save-announce-press To save this announcement, pressExtraYYN
say-temp-msg-prs-pound say your temporary message and then press the pound keyExtraYYN
says-thats-stupid says that's a really stupid thing to do.ExtraYYN
scattered scatteredExtraYYN
sciences ScienceExtraYYN
seattle SeattleExtraYYN
second-floor second floorExtraYYN
second secondExtraYYN
secretary SecretaryExtraYYN
secure secureExtraYYN
security-system security systemExtraYYN
security SecurityExtraYYN
self-destruct-in This system will self destuct in…ExtraYYN
self-destruct Self destructExtraYYN
server ServerExtraYYN
service-not-implemented That service is not implemented.ExtraYYN
service ServiceExtraYYN
set setExtraYYN
seventeenth seventeenthExtraYYN
seventh seventhExtraYYN
seventieth seventiethExtraYYN
severe severeExtraYYN
shall-i-try-again Shall I try again?ExtraYYN
shiny-brass-lamp There is a shiny brass lamp nearby.ExtraYYN
shipping ShippingExtraYYN
shop ShopExtraYYN
show-office Show OfficeExtraYYN
side sideExtraYYN
sighted sightedExtraYYN
simplex SimplexExtraYYN
sixteenth sixteenthExtraYYN
sixth sixthExtraYYN
sixtieth sixtiethExtraYYN
sleet sleetExtraYYN
sleeting sleetingExtraYYN
slow slowExtraYYN
slowly slowlyExtraYYN
snow snowExtraYYN
snowing snowingExtraYYN
snowy snowyExtraYYN
software softwareExtraYYN
solar solarExtraYYN
someone-you-trust1 Someone you trust is one of us.ExtraYYN
someone-you-trust2 Someone you trust is one of us.ExtraYYN
someone-you-trust3 Someone you trust is one of us.ExtraYYN
sorry-cant-let-you-do-that I'm sorry, I can't let you do that.ExtraYYN
sorry-cant-let-you-do-that2 I'm sorry, I can't let you do that.ExtraYYN
sorry-cant-let-you-do-that3 I'm sorry, I can't let you do that.ExtraYYN
sorry-mailbox-full Sorry, but the user's mailbox can't accept more messages. ExtraYYN
sorry2 We're sorry, but we are not able to answer your call at this time.ExtraYYN
south-carolina South CarolinaExtraYYN
south-dakota South DakotaExtraYYN
south southExtraYYN
southeast southeastExtraYYN
southerly southerlyExtraYYN
southwest southwestExtraYYN
spam Thank you for calling Special Price Analysis and Marketing. For cheap generic Vallium, Xanex or Viagra press 1. For Gucci and Rolex replicas please press 2. To enlarge your penis or breasts, please press 3. To speak with the Minister of Finance of Nigera about a 50 million dollar account, press 4.ExtraYYN
spam2 SpamExtraYYN
speak-louder-into-phone please speak louder, or speak directly into the telephone to ensure a clear recordingExtraYYN
speak-louder please speak louder to ensure a clear recordingExtraYYN
speak-to-the-operator speak to the operatorExtraYYN
speed speedExtraYYN
splat SplatExtraYYN
sprinklers sprinklersExtraYYN
ssh SSHExtraYYN
staff staffExtraYYN
staffing staffingExtraYYN
standard standardExtraYYN
star-for-menu-again Press the star key to hear this menu againExtraYYN
starting-with-either starting with eitherExtraYYN
station stationExtraYYN
status statusExtraYYN
steady steadyExtraYYN
step-in-stream You step in the stream, but the water has moved on.ExtraYYN
sterling sterlingExtraYYN
still stillExtraYYN
store-accounting Store AccountingExtraYYN
storm stormExtraYYN
stove stoveExtraYYN
sump-pump sump pumpExtraYYN
sun-room sun roomExtraYYN
sun sunExtraYYN
sunny sunnyExtraYYN
support SupportExtraYYN
swap SwapExtraYYN
system-crashed The system has crashedExtraYYN
system-status-msg Please listen carefully to the following system status message.ExtraYYN
system SystemExtraYYN
system systemExtraYYN
systems SystemsExtraYYN
systems systemsExtraYYN
talking-to-myself Am I talking to myself?ExtraYYN
target-attendant target attendantExtraYYN
tcp TCPExtraYYN
technical-support Technical supportExtraYYN
telephone-in-your-pocket Oooo! Is that a telephone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?ExtraYYN
telephone-in-your-pocket2 Oooo! Is that a telephone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?ExtraYYN
telesales TelesalesExtraYYN
teletubbie-murder has been brutally murdered and mutilated by the Teletubbies. ExtraYYN
telnet TelnetExtraYYN
temp-disconnected has been temporarialy disconnectedExtraYYN
temperature temperatureExtraYYN
temperature temperature ExtraYYN
tennessee TennesseeExtraYYN
tenth tenthExtraYYN
terabits TerabitsExtraYYN
terabytes TerabytesExtraYYN
terminated terminatedExtraYYN
terminating terminatingExtraYYN
test-tones-follow Test tones follow.ExtraYYN
texas TexasExtraYYN
thank-you-cooperation Thank you for your cooperation.ExtraYYN
thank-you-for-calling Thank you for calling.ExtraYYN
thanks-for-calling-today Thanks for calling today.ExtraYYN
thanks-for-using Thanks for usingExtraYYN
that-is-not-rec-phn-num That is not a recognized phone numberExtraYYN
that-number that numberExtraYYN
that-tickles Oooh, that tickles!ExtraYYN
that-you-require that you requireExtraYYN
the-mailbox The mailboxExtraYYN
the-monkeys-twice The monkeys! THE MONKEYS!ExtraYYN
the-new-number-is The new number isExtraYYN
the-next the nextExtraYYN
the-num-i-have-is the number I have isExtraYYN
the-number-u-dialed The number you have dialedExtraYYN
the-party-you-are-calling The party you are callingExtraYYN
the-weather-at the weather atExtraYYN
then-press-pound then press poundExtraYYN
there-are There are…ExtraYYN
there-is-no-customer-support These is not customer support.ExtraYYN
thermostat thermostatExtraYYN
these-are-currently these are currentlyExtraYYN
third thirdExtraYYN
thirteenth thirteenthExtraYYN
thirtieth thirtiethExtraYYN
this-call-may-be-monitored-or-recorded This call may be monitored or recordedExtraYYN
this-call-may-be This call may beExtraYYN
this-call-will-cost This call will cost…ExtraYYN
this-call-will-end-in This call will end inExtraYYN
this-is-the-voice-mail-system This is the voicemail systemExtraYYN
this-is-yr-wakeup-call This is your wakeup call.ExtraYYN
this thisExtraYYN
thnk-u-for-patience thank you for your patienceExtraYYN
thousandth thousandthExtraYYN
through ThroughExtraYYN
thunderstorm thunderstormExtraYYN
tide tideExtraYYN
time timeExtraYYN
times timesExtraYYN
to-accept-recording to accept this recordingExtraYYN
to-be-called-back To be called back when a representative is available, press– ExtraYYN
to-blklist-last-caller To blacklist the last caller, press…ExtraYYN
to-blklist-last-num To blacklist the last number, press…ExtraYYN
to-call-num-press To call this number, press…ExtraYYN
to-call-prson-w-sent-msg to call the person who sent this messageExtraYYN
to-cancel-this-msg to cancel this messageExtraYYN
to-cancel-wakeup To cancel a wakeup call…ExtraYYN
to-change-exp-date to change the expiration dateExtraYYN
to-change-your-pin-number To change your pin numberExtraYYN
to-collect-voicemail to collect voicemailExtraYYN
to-compose-a-message to compose a messageExtraYYN
to-confirm-wakeup To confirm a wakeup call…ExtraYYN
to-control-environ-sys to control environmental systemsExtraYYN
to-control-lights-appl to control lights and appliancesExtraYYN
to-dial-by-name-press to dial by name, pressExtraYYN
to-dial-by-name To dial by name…ExtraYYN
to-enter-a-diff-number to enter a different numberExtraYYN
to-enter-a-number to enter a numberExtraYYN
to-erase-yr-temp-grtg to erase your temporary greetingExtraYYN
to-hang-up-2 To hang upExtraYYN
to-hang-up To hang up (slower)ExtraYYN
to-hear-callerid To hear the Caller*ID of the last callExtraYYN
to-hear-menu-again to hear this menu againExtraYYN
to-hear-msg-again to hear this message again.ExtraYYN
to-hear-msg-envelope to hear the message envelopeExtraYYN
to-hear-net-status to hear current network status,…ExtraYYN
to-hear-weather-status to hear weather status,…ExtraYYN
to-hear-your-account-balance To hear your account balanceExtraYYN
to-join-a-meeting to join a meetingExtraYYN
to-leave-message-for To leave a message forExtraYYN
to-log-in-to-voice-mail To log into voicemailExtraYYN
to-place-outgoing-call to place an outgoing callExtraYYN
to-reach-first-rep To reach the first available representitivieExtraYYN
to-reach-operator To reach the operatorExtraYYN
to-reach-operator to reach an operatorExtraYYN
to-rec-yr-temp-grtg to record your temporary greetingExtraYYN
to-record-call to record callExtraYYN
to-redial-the-last-number-you-called To redial the last number you calledExtraYYN
to-report-emergency To report an emergency…ExtraYYN
to-report-system-network-down To report a system or network downExtraYYN
to-rerecord-announce To rerecord this announcement, pressExtraYYN
to-rerecord-yr-message to re-record your messageExtraYYN
to-rmv-num-blklist To remove a number from the blacklist, press…ExtraYYN
to-rqst-wakeup-call To request a wakeup call…ExtraYYN
to-send-a-reply to send a replyExtraYYN
to-snooze-for To snooze for…ExtraYYN
to-use-def-attendant to use the default attendant, just press poundExtraYYN
tomorrow-night tomorrow-nightExtraYYN
tones-that-follow-are-for-the-deaf The tones that follow are for the deaf.ExtraYYN
tonight tonightExtraYYN
too-low too lowExtraYYN
tornado tornadoExtraYYN
touchtone1 If you're calling from a rotary dial phone, hangup, go to a phone store, and purchase one of those new fangled inventions called a touch tone phone.ExtraYYN
touchtone2 And if you're calling from a rotary dial phone, hello, there's this thing call touch tone sweety you might want to look into.ExtraYYN
touchtone3 If you're calling from a rotary dial phone, hangup, go to a phone store, and purchase one of those 21'st century new fangled inventions called a touch tone phone.ExtraYYN
towards towardsExtraYYN
tower towerExtraYYN
trading-desk Trading DeskExtraYYN
traffic TrafficExtraYYN
training TradingExtraYYN
transportation TransportationExtraYYN
travel TravelExtraYYN
treasury TreasuryExtraYYN
tucson TusconExtraYYN
tulsa TulsaExtraYYN
turn-off-recording to turn off call recordingExtraYYN
turning-to turning toExtraYYN
twelveth twelvethExtraYYN
twentieth twentiethExtraYYN
twisty-maze You are in a maze of twisty little menus, all alike.ExtraYYN
typhoon typhoonExtraYYN
udp UDPExtraYYN
uh-oh1 Uh oh! [in a cutesy, Teletubbie's like voice] ExtraYYN
uh-oh2 Uh oh! [in a cutesy, Teletubbie's like voice] ExtraYYN
uk UKExtraYYN
unavailable UnavailableExtraYYN
unconditional unconditionalExtraYYN
units unitsExtraYYN
unix UnixExtraYYN
unlocked unlockedExtraYYN
unlocking unlockingExtraYYN
up upExtraYYN
up upExtraYYN
uptime uptimeExtraYYN
user userExtraYYN
users usersExtraYYN
utah UtahExtraYYN
variable variableExtraYYN
vermont VermontExtraYYN
virginia-beach Virginia BeachExtraYYN
virginia VirginaExtraYYN
visibility VisibilityExtraYYN
visit-asterisk-website Visit the asterisk website at w w w dot asterisk dot orgExtraYYN
voice-mail-system Voice Mail SystemExtraYYN
volt VoltExtraYYN
volts VoltsExtraYYN
wait-moment Please wait a moment.ExtraYYN
wait-offensive-sounds Please wait one moment while I access our gigantic library of offensive sounds!ExtraYYN
wakeup-call-cancelled Your wakeup call has been cancelled.ExtraYYN
wakeup-call Wakeup callExtraYYN
wakeup-daily Daily Wakeup CallExtraYYN
wakeup-for-daily For daily wakeup calls…ExtraYYN
wakeup-for-one-time For a one-time wakeup callExtraYYN
wakeup-onetime One-time wakeup callExtraYYN
walks-into-bar-mail A man walks into a bar, sits down and … welcome to Comedian Mail!ExtraYYN
warning warningExtraYYN
was-last-seen was last seenExtraYYN
was wasExtraYYN
washing-machine washing machineExtraYYN
washington-dc Washington, DCExtraYYN
washington WashingtonExtraYYN
watch watchExtraYYN
water-heater water heaterExtraYYN
watt WattExtraYYN
watts WattsExtraYYN
we-apologize we apologizeExtraYYN
we-dont-have-tech-support We don't have tech support.ExtraYYN
weasels-eaten-phonesys Weasels have eaten our phone system.ExtraYYN
weather-station weather stationExtraYYN
weather weatherExtraYYN
web webExtraYYN
weeks weeksExtraYYN
welcome welcomeExtraYYN
well-pump well pumpExtraYYN
were-sorry We're sorry…ExtraYYN
west-virginia West VirginaExtraYYN
west westExtraYYN
westerly westerlyExtraYYN
what-are-you-wearing What are you wearing?ExtraYYN
what-time-it-is Do you have any idea what <emph> time </emph> it is?ExtraYYN
what-time-it-is2 Do you have any idea what <emph> time </emph> it is?ExtraYYN
when-dialing-this-number When dialing this number…ExtraYYN
who-would-you-like-to-call Who would you like to call?ExtraYYN
why-no-answer-mystery Your call is important to us, but exactly why we haven't answered it yet is a mystery even to us.ExtraYYN
wichita WichitaExtraYYN
will-apply will applyExtraYYN
will-expire will expireExtraYYN
will-not-expire will not expireExtraYYN
will-reflect-charge-of will reflect a charge of ExtraYYN
wind-chill wind chillExtraYYN
wind windExtraYYN
window windowExtraYYN
windows WindowsExtraYYN
windows windowsExtraYYN
winds windsExtraYYN
windy windyExtraYYN
wisconsin WisconsinExtraYYN
wish-to-continue do you wish to continue?ExtraYYN
within withinExtraYYN
work workExtraYYN
wrong-try-again-smarty Wrong, wrong, wrong. Try again, smart guy.ExtraYYN
wtng-to-spk-w-rep waiting to speak with a representativeExtraYYN
www-switchboard-com www.switchboard.comExtraYYN
wyoming WyomingExtraYYN
xmas-lights Christmas lightsExtraYYN
xmas-tree Christmas treeExtraYYN
yard yardExtraYYN
yeah Yeah!ExtraYYN
year yearExtraYYN
years yearsExtraYYN
yes-dear Yes, dear. (annoyed)ExtraYYN
yes-dear2 Yes, dear. (playful)ExtraYYN
you-are-caller-num you are caller numberExtraYYN
you-are-curr-call-num you are currently caller numberExtraYYN
you-can-press You can pressExtraYYN
you-dialed-wrong-number You have dialed the wrong number.ExtraYYN
you-have-dialed You have dialedExtraYYN
you-have-reached-a-test-number You have reached a test number.ExtraYYN
you-have-these-options You have these options.ExtraYYN
you-must-first-dial You must first dialExtraYYN
you-seem-impatient You seem impatientExtraYYN
you-sound-cute So, _you_ sound cute.ExtraYYN
you-wish-to-join you wish to joinExtraYYN
your-account Your accountExtraYYN
your-msg-has-been-saved Your message has been savedExtraYYN
your-msg-is-too-short your message is too shortExtraYYN
your-temp-greeting your temporary greetingExtraYYN
zip-code zip codeExtraYYN
alert alertExtraYYN
cc-amex American ExpressExtraYYN
cc-discover DiscoverExtraYYN
cc-mastercard MastercardExtraYYN
cc-visa VisaExtraYYN
invalid-featurecode I'm sorry. That feature code is not supported. Please try again.ExtraYYN
pls-hold-process-tx Please hold while we process your transaction.ExtraYYN
privacy-restricted-by-req …restricted by customer request.ExtraYYN
tt-codezone_MIXDOWN This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality, you're on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable…Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop….The Code Zone.ExtraYYN
tt-codezone This highway leads to the shadowy tip of reality, you're on a through route to the land of the different, the bizarre, the unexplainable…Go as far as you like on this road. Its limits are only those of mind itself. Ladies and Gentlemen, you're entering the wondrous dimension of imagination. Next stop….The Code Zone.ExtraYYN
tt-hangup Press 1 to end this call, or any other key to hangup.ExtraYYN
tt-monty-knights Go and boil your bottoms you silly english kniggggits. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.ExtraYYN
tx-has-been-approved Your transaction has been approved.ExtraYYN
your-notifications …your notifications.ExtraYYN
your-req-notification …your requested notification.ExtraYYN

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