Logs are the Rivendell 'playlists' that contain one or more carts.

There are a few ways of generating logs:

  • RDLogManager - GUI
  • rdlogmanager - Command Line

Command Line

For a highly automated station command line switches for rdlogmanager make log generation batchable.

  • -g generate log
  • -m merge music
  • -t merge traffic
  • -s Service
  • -d day - The day the log should created for counted from today. Default is 1 (create a log for tomorrow).

The -s switch is allways needed, also at least one of -g -m or -t

To generate a log for tomorrow for service “OnAir” the command would be:

  • rdlogmanager -g -s OnAir

To generate and merge a log for Sunday on Friday:

  • rdlogmanager -g -m -t -s OnAir -d 2

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